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Palden Jenkins
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Counsel, perspective and strategy


For many years I have acted as an adviser to people and organisations to assist them in gaining longterm perspective, identify tendencies and trends and find canny magic solutions that many advisers often cannot find.

To do this I utilise my considerable understanding of life and knowledge of specific areas - such as geopolitics, futurology, history and prehistory, astrology, people, voluntary organisations and business.

But there's something else too - strong intuition and an unusual ability to see certain things that many others cannot.

If you seek an adviser, or someone to bounce your ideas around with, success in this depends a lot on our personal relationship, whether we resonate well and whether you benefit from my particular perspective on life. So it's a matter of having a discussion first, to see whether and how we 'click'.

I am culturally sensitive and knowledgeable in the viewpoints of people worldwide - particularly the Middle East. I'm also historically knowledgeable and well-versed in futurology, with interesting longterm perspectives.

I'm particularly experienced in advising spiritually and ethically aware people and projects, and humanitarians and visionaries who seek unconventional yet reasonable and doable answers.

What's the deal?

If you're interested, please contact me and we can discuss things further. By looking around this website first, you will discover many of my fields of interest and experience and gain tips on my longterm viewpoint.

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