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Palden Jenkins
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Palden Jenkins
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Consciousness | The Field

Consciousness | The Field

It’s all to do with working with the collective psyche or unconscious, strengthening its unifying and self-healing capacities and feeding it with ideas, patterns and imagery to help in the evolution of humanity and our world.
Sometimes a calming, positive and self-healing presence and vibration are all that’s needed in these turbulent times, and sometimes it’s a matter of wading in there to untie knots, heal wounds, loosen up blockages and help accelerate the world's evolutionary process.

It’s a matter of working to improve the condition of the collective psyche, the world's hearts and minds, and to address specific problem areas that tend to clog up, corrupt, divert or threaten the overall flow and function of things.

We could think of three main spheres of consciousness. One is the human sphere, or noösphere, of human thoughts, feelings, experiences and beliefs - and the way they impact on everything else. It’s the human collective psyche.

Another is the ecosphere or biosphere – nature and its laws, ways, intelligence and the human knowhow necessary for living in nature. In our early history humanity was shaped by the ecosphere but, as population, cities and artificial environments grew, so did the noösphere which, over time, has become disconnected from the ecosphere.

Then we could talk of the cosmos, the enormous wide field of the universe around us, its influence on us and our influence on it. Yes, we do have an influence on it.

Think of reality-fields. Each of us is an energy entity with an egg-like field composed of threads, colours and patterns of life-energy, thought, feeling and imagery. We each live within our own reality-field, like a bubble around us that partially we can see through, while partially we also see only a reflection of ourselves in it. This reality-field interacts with those of other people, families, communities, institutions, social groups, belief systems, places and phenomena.

The reality-field of Earth is enormous and intricate, with bigger and smaller fields within it like breathing, living, filigree energy-blobs, whirls and vortices. It has all sorts of sub-threads and areas representing different cultures, belief systems and situations – some of which, such as ‘public opinion’, can be quite reactive, conflicted, messy and at times wildly fluctuating.

The world’s collective psyche is today disturbed, frantic, anxious, infused with fear and a wide range of feelings, though it also has its dreams, creativity, ideals and wisdom. So the world psyche is as much a rich source of inspiration as it is a source of difficulties. Nowadays it is turbulent, polarised, full of friction and imbued with pain, current and historic.

So the idea here is to get inside the collective psyche to work with it, dig it over, plant seeds, thin out the weeds, nurture delicate growth and do some clearing. Not just maintenance but also problem-solving, tension relief, healing and positive encouragement.

Like any living system, the world psyche needs monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and optimisation. We need to take a longterm approach, working at it over time, remembering to attend to things we often overlook or ignore.

Mitchell's Fold stone circle, Shropshire
It is the love from this planet that generates the energy that feeds what you call 'God'.
- a rather big thought from the Nine.
What follows on subsequent pages is about world healing - if you are interested.
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