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Near-Death Experience

An article by Kevin Williams: The Trigger of Hypnosis - Palden Jenkins' NDE

From the Near-Death website

On August 13, 1974, Palden Jenkins and an Australian named Paul, a very close friend and “soul-brother,” ate a bunch of wild herbs — one of which was Hemlock Water Dropwort, Europe’s most poisonous plant. When Paul began to get extremely sick, Jenkins told Mike’s wife to get help at the nearest house which was a half-a-mile away. Fortunately, Jenkins had first aid training and was able help Paul somewhat. Unfortunately, they were 30 to 40 miles away from the nearest hospital in Snowdonia, North Wales. As Jenkins was looking after Paul, Jenkins started to get sick himself and lose consciousness. The next thing Jenkins knew he woke up in the hospital after being unconscious for eight days. Unfortunately, Paul died of a brain hemorrhage due to the Hemlock’s enormous nerve poison. Later, Jenkins underwent hypnotic regression during which he discovered he had a near-death experience while he was sick and unconscious. The following is his NDE testimony while under hypnosis:

“In the inner world, Paul and I were walking hand in hand towards the Pearly Gates. It really was the Pearly Gates! I never knew the Pearly Gates actually existed, but they did — at least, in my experience. The wise guardian of the gate came. He welcomed us and addressed Paul. This wise being said some things to Paul such as, ‘Off you go. Go in through the gates.’

“I was about to follow and he said, ‘Stop! You’re not finished yet.’

“I think he told me some things and I have no way of remembering what he said. I just remember the feeling of it.

“I underwent a kind of panic and disorientation because, at that particular moment, I was quite relieved to be out of this life business and going in to the Pearly Gates. That was alright by me. So I was a bit panicked to be told it wasn’t going to happen. It was as if this being kind of just fixed me in an energy field.” (I’ve found I can do this sometimes. For example, with my son, when he was young, there were times when he lost it and I could fix him in an energy field and he’d immediately just straighten up and pull himself together.)

“Then he fixed me. He said something like, ‘The whole of your self is going to dissolve,’ or words to that effect, ‘and you are going to become something different.’ It wasn’t exactly words, but that’s the kind of impression.

“I was calmer, but still a little bit disoriented. I had enough of the experience of near-death from a couple of accidents earlier in life and I knew that the best thing to do at the moment was to let go. Let be. And so I did just that.

“Then there was this beautiful experience. I was standing there, and it was as if a cloud of diamond fog (mist, diamond mist) separated me from within myself. My selfhood was evaporating upwards – disappearing upwards into the Void. It was as if my being was just being lifted up. My pain and human woes were getting lifted up. It was one of those feelings of ‘Aahhhhh! Aahhhhhh!’ (sounding hugely relieved).

“Then there was a pause. He (the wise guardian) was still standing in front of me and had me fixed in an energy pod — an invisible energy pod. Then suddenly it was as if another person suddenly dropped into me from above. It just came ‘joomph!’ into me. It occupied my body. At that very moment (this gets confusing now), the old me just went ‘pop!’ It kind of popped out to the side — back and to the side.

“Suddenly (now this is the interesting bit), the other me that had popped out was standing perhaps a yard behind the energy-body that was me. The remarkable thing was that I was experiencing this from both places at the same time. The first experience was the me that had popped out. The second experience was the me into which this new being had plopped. I was experiencing these simultaneously. I’ve experienced this since then in various ways, in flashbacks and flights of imagination. Because I do quite a lot of inner work nowadays, I have experienced this since then. There was a poignant moment where the being that plopped out (I can remember the thought going on) thought, ‘Well, what happens now?

“I didn’t feel as if anything bad was going on. There was a very matter-of-fact feeling to it; but, in another way it was like, ‘Whoaa!’ It was amazing, deeply moving.

“Then the Pearly Gates gentleman said something to me to indicate or instruct me in what I needed to do next.

“Then, I was in my etheric body and I was still me; but, I was over there as well. I reached straight into the heart of myself over there. As I did that, it was as if there was a spark that appeared in myself over there. I can only call it a static, stationary spark. It was totally of the nature of a spark but it was not sparking. I hope this is making sense!

“I reached in and just took hold of the spark and I pulled it out of myself-over-there. It was almost like it was the length of my body. It was a very strange experience because I was totally willing for this to happen. But it was very weird, because I was taking my life essence out. Myself! And the heart was the nexus of it. I don’t know if anything intervened. I don’t think anything came in at that time, but basically, I took that spark and I just inserted it and pushed it in to the me into which the new being had plopped.

[Webmaster note: Jenkins' experience with the “spark” pulled from his “etheric body” is a good description of the so-called “silver cord“. The rest of Jenkins’ testimony is a question and answer session with his hypnotherapist.]

Hypnotherapist: “The one that popped out?”

Palden Jenkins: “No. The one that had popped out was the me-over-there that I’ve just been talking about, from which I took the spark. I was putting the spark into the me that was here – the me that had the other being who’d plopped into me, right?

“It was a little bit tricky. It involved some fitting and I had to do it quite carefully. It was as if there were thought waves coming from the Pearly Gates gentleman as well, who was helping and guiding this, but it was me doing it. I had to fit this into the new me. Now at the same time, I was also experiencing this from the position of the other me-over-there. And I was experiencing (this is confusing) both, simultaneously.”

Hypnotherapist: “You were both?”

Palden Jenkins: “Yes, I was both. I was both doing it and being done to.

“There was a point where it just went ‘click!’ It clicked in. Suddenly I could feel a slight bias of consciousness toward the me that had was over there. it was as if the me-over-there was preparing for something. But suddenly my consciousness clicked over to the new me into which I had inserted the spark, and so while I was still conscious of the me-over-there, it was less so. It was as if the center of gravity of consciousness had shifted into the me that this other, new being had dropped into. But the thing was, this other one who came in was me.”

Hypnotherapist: “That makes sense. That’s how I’ve always thought of walk-ins – as another aspect of yourself.”

Palden Jenkins: “Well, the way I came to understand it a bit later on, was as if we were brother souls. Actually, I use that word quite consciously to put in the masculine. In fact, I had some imagery (this is digressing a bit) where it was as if we were brother souls with a long-term specialist contract. The contract was that we were like marathon-runners and handing over the baton whenever necessary.”

“I had reached a dead end in my awakening. I think it was possibly to do with the use of acid and psychedelics in the 60s, but not in the negative, judgmental way that a lot of people would think. There was nothing going wrong; but the problem was, I was no longer going to be able to integrate into the modern world properly. I had gone off too much. I was still sane. But in a sense, I was in the 14th century or prehistoric times or somewhere else. I was not going to be able to integrate again – this was the insight I got. So I needed to be re-booted and have some parts replaced.

“So there was this transfer of this, what I can only call, life-energy or life-spark. I was very aware that as soon as it clicked in, the being into whom it had clicked (who was the new me) was suddenly energised. I got an image here of Commander Data of Star Trek. There’s a part of me which is a bit like Data in a way. Sometimes I go into this super-brain kind of consciousness which is a bit like Data. I’ve even got that little turn of the head sometimes. It was as if the being that had just received the spark suddenly just clicked and fired up. Also, my consciousness had shifted over. I was still in two parts of me but the center of gravity had shifted.”

Hypnotherapist: “Was there anything else?”

Palden Jenkins: “There was some sort of interaction between these two selves. It was as if we were saying, “Hello.” It was a bit like some of the imagery that comes up in my life is about SAS work (Special Operations). It was a bit like we had met in the middle of the wilderness and there were some messages to get over before we parted company again. It was one of these quick five minute intense exchanges where this essential exchange had to go on with no niceties and no cups of tea. But it was done through thought transfer. Then there came a point where that came to a completion.

“Then, from the viewpoint of the me who had hopped out and then given its spark away, suddenly I felt as if the plug was pulled out. I started evaporating – dematerialising. There was this slightly tingly diamond evaporation. It was quite blissful – intensely blissful. That part of myself was dissolving – dematerialising. As soon as the spark had been given over and the essential exchanges had been made, there was no longer a purpose for that soul to be a constituted soul for incarnate usage. So it just started evaporating. Now I was watching it from my new side or self.

“There was a feeling of an ‘out-of-your-body' and 'your-body’s-really-cold’ deathly kind of sense. Then you come back in and perhaps you’ve had a hot drink or perhaps someone’s given you a massage or something like that and you can feel the life-energy gradually filling your body. You can feel the systems coming up again – the warmth rising. There was an experience like that.

“Now I’m a single being but I’ve got a new personality with many of the same brain-thoughts and things like that that I had before, but not all. I’ve got a new (what I can only call) soul, but that’s not an adequate word for what had popped inside me. It was anchored by this spark which had activated the system and reintegrated it into one being. I was also quite surprised at the comfort of that.

“That’s where I think this business of brother souls comes in. It’s as if it was all very finely pre-calculated so that it would all exactly work. It was fascinating.

“Then I was with this Pearly Gates man, and he was giving me some quite lengthy instructions which (you know how it is in dreamtime - time is a very difficult thing to estimate) was probably ten minutes of teachings or instructions or exchanges. Then it was over.

“Suddenly, there was this process starting up where there was a rumble and a feeling that I was starting to get heavier. Then there was this falling… faaalling… aaaaaaah… kind of feeling. A feeling of going into the soup – going down into the thickness. I was densifying, and it felt rather crushing.

“There was an element in me of reluctance – but not exactly. It was the same feeling I had experienced in the pre-birth experience – a poignant mixture of reluctance and willingness – kind of ‘there's-a-job-to-be-done’ approach to things. It was kind of a ‘Right lads, come on. We’ve got to get on with it and the sooner we get this over with the better.’ That kind of approach. I’ve always been like that really.

“I’m a Virgo – a very Saturnine Virgo. I’ve always been somewhat unwilling to be alive. But I also know that there is no alternative until the job’s done and that I would regret it if I didn't do it. It’s that kind of strange poignant mixture of feelings. This was the reincarnation process. It was like going down into the treacle – into the density. And that was really the end of the experience.

“I think I’ve included all the details, at least, the details that I’ve uncovered and I can remember. Actually, I only got this in the regression I did in 1994, twenty years after. I put in a lot of effort. I realised, gosh, it’s twenty years, so I decided I’d make an effort to try and get it.” (Palden Jenkins)

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