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Palden Jenkins
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Pod Notes | 7. Coming Times

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Pod Notes
Some astrological charts to add something to the podcast

7. Coming Decades
These charts go with this podcast, Coming Decades.
1891-92 Neptune-Pluto conjunction
The Neptune-Pluto conjunction of 1891-92. This happens every 495 years. It marks the beginning of the modern global age. However, things are likely to change a lot by the time this cycle ends around year 2400 - we're only in the early stages of this cycle.
The oopositions of Uranus to Pluto and Neptune in the early 1900s
These two oppositions followed close after the 1892 Nep-Plu conjunction. Here came flight, electric power, motor cars, big corporations, the birth of socialism and Western world control.
Above, you can see where it all started - the period we're in now, starting in the 1890s.
Below, we jump to the 1960s and what followed.
The 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction
The 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction. Birth of the internet, Big Data and new freedoms and social control. End of the Cold War. Tech advances, the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of China, the slow subsidence of the West and the rebalancing of power and wealth toward developing economies.
The Sextile-Trine triangle of the late 2020s
The Sextile-Trine triangle of the late 2020s. Pluto in Aquarius sextile Neptune in Aries sextile Uranus in Gemini. An avalanche of events and developments, bringing both new solutions and new crises and issues.
The Uranus-Pluto opposition of the late 2040s
The Uranus-Pluto opposition of the late 2040s. Here's the crunch point of the century - the climax of the Ura-Plu cycle that started in 1965 and went through a gritty crisis and change-point around 2012. The issues that have been visible and emergent since the 1960s and definitely visible by 2012 come to a head here. It's a time of instability, crisis and potential breakthrough. A shift of agenda. The end of the past. Things look different from now on.
These charts come from Palden's book Power Points in Time. Click the pic to visit the book.
The Mid-1960s Uranus-Pluto conjunction
The Mid-1960s Uranus-Pluto conjunction. This sparked the current stage of the globalisation process, following on from decolonialisation. The Cold War, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Flower Power and new issues arising in the West, a time of innovation and creativity and the growth of modern technologies and complexity.
The Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-15
The Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-15 - the opening square or crunch-point after the Ura-Plu conjunction of the mid-1960s. Gritty times: revolutions, decline of the West (banking crisis), new horrors and crises, Asian ascendancy. Big-city dwellers are now 50% of the world's population, and climate and environmental crises impacting harder.
The 2040 Uranus-Neptune square.
The 2040 Uranus-Neptune square. Following on from the conjunction of 1993. Around this time humanity must clarify this question: who decides? It's about power and dominance in the world. A conflict between a deep desire for stability and restless energies expressing themselves in the streets.
The Neptune-Pluto square of the 2060s. Whatever happened in the late 2040s, here the world assesses its situation fully and a potential shift takes place toward rebuilding the future. Facts are facts, the past is gone, and now something must be made of the situation as it stands now, in the 2060s. The past becomes history - this is a reality-shift, after which new rules are in operation.
If longterm astrological cycles in history and the future interest you, there's my book Power Points in Time (2014). It was a rewrite of a book I did in 1987 called Living in Time, and that book is available as a free online archive version here. Also, there's the Historical Ephemeris for serious astrology wonks.

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