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Palden Jenkins
Author | editor | photographer | webmaster | historian | humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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Pods from the Far Beyond

Pods from the Far Beyond
With Palden Jenkins on voicebox and brainbox
from the far west of Cornwall, UK

Latest podcast: it starts at Botrea Barrows and then shifts to Palden's thoughts on the G7 conference in Cornwall and about geopolitical healing. Click  on the right for the podcast and click here for some pics and a map.

This is an occasional series of insightful podcasts on a wide range of subjects by a 1960s veteran who never quite gave up. Now doing battle with bone marrow cancer (myeloma), he still has a few things to say before he goes.

Whether or not you agree or he is correct, Palden hopes to add something to your worldview, assisting in the fermentation of your thoughts.

He has been a founder of several projects, a writer of many books, a speaker from many stages, a humanitarian and peacemaker, a seer, astrologer and geomancer. And so on...

These podcasts tell of some of the things he's learned along the way.

Since contracting cancer in 2019, Palden has not been able to get around as before. Living in a wooden cabin near Land's End, reasonably far from that madding crowd, he's listening and watching, writing and podcasting what he sees - whatever comes up as the zeitgeist swirls.

Pods from the Far Beyond
When the weather is good, the recording studio is just down the field toward the woods, on an old trackway just by a stream - with geese, crows and chaffinches providing soundscape services.

Other times it's in The Lookout, Palden's home. Or up the hill. Or when someone takes me somewhere else, from there.

Podcasts will appear here as they come. Do return or check on my blog or Facebook page to see whether more have appeared. If you 'follow' my blog you'll be informed by e-mail when blog posts and podcasts come out.
Pods from the Far Beyond

Podcasts available now:

Ancient Barrows and Geopolitical Healing.

Fixing the Earth by Ancient Means. 18 mins.

Why the Bronze Age is important in the Anthropocene Age. 17 mins.

Nature speaks up, 6th June 2021. 5 mins.

Palden Jenkins

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