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Palden Jenkins
Retired author, photographer, webmaster, historian and humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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Recent and Ancient
Paldywan's public talks

Palden Jenkins on Carn Kenidjack, Cornwall
These podtalks are longer and more immersive than my podcasts.

They are for you who have attended talks, heard podcasts and read books by me. Or perhaps you've been involved in an event I was at in a former decade. Or perhaps you just fell on this page and found it interesting.

The podtalks are for you who need a few vitamins and enzymes from an old campaigner, still on the case.
I have bone marrow cancer (myeloma), I'm partially disabled and a clock is ticking on me - this strange gift has changed my perspective. It makes me see life from another angle, and I've gone deeper.

I'm not interested in persuading you to believe anything. You've had enough of that - and you have what it takes to form your own conclusions. Though I have some interesting insights and perspectives.

In some respects I'm really way out and left-field, but in other respects there's something sensible and realistic going on here.

I've been a founder of several projects, a writer and editor of books, a speaker from many stages, a humanitarian, peacemaker and historian. Oh, and an astrologer and geomancer. And a webmaster... stuff like that.

I live in a cabin with a lovely view over fields and woods on an organic farm in Penwith or Pennwydh, at the far end of Cornwall, UK.

I spend a lot of time alone, tuning in to the zeitgeist day to day, twiggling my antennae. Then I write or podcast about whatever comes up.

These PodTalks aren't scripted. I do think up talking points, but it's quite spontaneous. That's how I do it, and I've done it like that for ages.

I've often been about 30 years ahead of my time, so that, after I pop my clogs, this material might become more pertinent and useful as time goes on - perhaps as messages from a new age spiritual ancestor.

I want to leave something of this behind, and this is it. It's for you.

With love, Paldywan Kenobi.

Podtalks will appear here as they come, and they are flagged up on my blog or Facebook page. If you 'follow' my blog you'll be sent postings and podcasts by e-mail (it's free, with no strings).
2023 PodTalks
A talk given by Palden at the OakDragon Camp, Somerset, August 2023. It's about sympathetic, ecologically and socially sustainable cultures in the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Ages in Britain - Goddess cultures.
Ancient sites such as dolmens, barrows and stone circles and why they were built. They were sophisticated energy-structures for advanced shamanic work in which medical procedures, weather-influencing, long-distance communication, resolution of social stresses and living religion itself were possible. These cultures declined by 1200 BCE, and Palden traces the stages by which this happened. This concerns our future, healing and uniting our planet and changing the very basis by which human society works.
A talk in Glastonbury on the world's future, on the group mind, resonance and changing the rules by which things operate. Easter 2023. 1hr 9mins.
The clicking in the background was a noisy chair I was sitting on!
2022 PodTalks
Buckfastleigh Magic Circle
Three podtalks from a Magic Circle at Buckfastleigh, Devon, Sept 2022. Inner journeys included in two of these talks and also provided separately.
The first is about soul tribes and our origins, with an inner journey to find our spiritual genetics. The second is about world healing - visiting Pakistan to mop up hurt souls. The third is about the planetary project we're in.
Soul tribes, soul origins. 49 mins
Helping the people of Pakistan. 1h 10 mins
A Gift of Life on Earth. 40 mins
Inner Journeys:

The Tipping of the Scales
Palden visits Glastonbury to talk on world healing, the 2020s and the small matter of social rebirth. It's about forming a world consensus and working together - that's rather big. Introduced by Samia Gelfling.
Sept 2022. 1h 47mins

Avebury Magic Circle
Three podtalks from the Magic Circle' at Avebury, August 2022.
The first is about dying, losing control, multilevel friendship and rising to a greater potential in our lives. The second is about world healing and its joys and responsibilities, and its ins and outs. The third is about instinct and intuition, soul tribes and networks, psychic work and dying.
Visiting other worlds. 59 mins
About World Healing. 58 mins
Instinct, intuition, disincarnating. 32 mins
Audio Archive
Talks by Palden from
(mainly) the 1990s

A thought-provoking programme from Glastonbury Radio, 2007. There's a need for a shift in moral sensitivity to allow world change to come, addressing all that really needs addressing. From a 2003 book of mine, Healing the Hurts of Nations. 1hr 12 mins.

Nov 1996, PAN Conference, Lancashire. A 1996 talk about the world healing work of the Hundredth Monkey Project, and the Council of Nine's view of why world healing is needed. In the early 1990s I compiled a book for the Nine called The Only Planet of Choice, and this talk is about that rather momentous work. 1hr 13m.

Wessex Research Group, Sherborne, Dorset, 1995. A talk about a necessary shift in world values in order for the world to come to rights. Good and evil, light and darkness, indifference, public values and choice. 1hr 20m.

Byron Bay, Australia, 1992. The Council of Nine's perspective on Planet Earth. Given soon after I wrote The Only Planet of Choice.

Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Feb 1987. A wide-ranging astrological talk, for anyone a little familiar with astrology. It was aimed at a group of young people born around 1965-66, then in their early twenties. They were born during a power period in history. It's about the outer planets, the way history changes, times of intensity and change, and our life's work. Here are astrological charts mentioned in this talk.

A talk in Glastonbury in 1990 about the astronomy of prehistoric sites of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. It explains solstices, equinoxes, cross-quarters, the cycle of the Moon, eclipses, lunar maxima and minima, the stars, planetary line-ups and power points in time, and longterm cycles of time.

Paldywan Kenobi's
Millennial Master Class
A four part series of lectures by Palden
at the Isle of Avalon Foundation, Glastonbury, 1995.
A series on parapolitics - politics beyond politics, and the politics of soul. The state of the world seen from a deeper and wider viewpoint.

About the history of the last ten thousand years and its impacts on humanity's psyche, from ancient times to today. 1hr 33m.
The depth-psychology of power and power structures. Who decides? About the Megamachine - its assets, flaws, gridlocking and the coming age of people. 1h 34m.
Earth in the universe, the origins and purpose of humankind, our relationship with multidimensional beings and how this all relates to today's world.
In two parts. Recorded in 1995, this talk is surprisingly up to date. The Millennium, Prediction, the Last Days, divine plans, medieval beliefs, planetary rescue and the Second Coming. 54 mins.
Part Two. The Apocalypse, revelation, crisis and disaster. 72 mins.
Glastonbury Symposium series
Talks I gave at the Glastonbury Symposium over the years. All are around one hour long.
2006. About conflict and its resolution, particularly in Palestine, Israel and Lebanon. Social pain and cross-cultural projection.
2011. And will they still serve tea in 2023? About 2012 and the undercurrents of today's events and situations. The West, the Global South, and the underlying agenda.
2016. The world's collective psyche and the incremental revelation of reality, in our time. Our life purpose and the need to carry it out, for the sake of human evolution and breakthrough.
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