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Palden Jenkins
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Palden Jenkins
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Talks, speaking and broadcasting


Palden Jenkins speaking at the Glastonbury SymposiumI am an experienced, articulate and stimulating public speaker with broad knowledge and a good way of helping the audience get a glimpse of the big picture.

Over the years I have trodden the boards and spoken down microphones more times than I can count. I've made radio programmes too and guested on radio and TV programmes over the years.

My main speaking themes concern the state of the world, the future (see this), time, prehistory (particularly in Cornwall), international relations and peacemaking in the Middle East.

But really, it's an hour or an evening with Palden, a wide-ranging, informative slotting together of many things that will light up new connections for many people.

I speak notes-free, usually Powerpoint-free, and have a way of saying things the audience needs to hear. Some say it's as if I'm speaking to them personally.
People tend to stay awake during my talks and remember them a long time.

Palden JenkinsIf you would like me to speak at your conference, event or group, e-mail me to enquire about availability, terms and subject.

Since I live in furthest Cornwall, and I am a cancer patient, at present I can do online events only.

For a sample talk, see below. For sample radio programmes, try here.

Palden Jenkins, Botrea Farm, Penzance, Cornwall TR20 8PP, UK.  E-mail.

The Trajectory of the Twenty-First Century
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