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built by Palden Jenkins

Here's a selection of the sites I've designed and run over the years, since I started as a webmaster in 1996.

Most of my sites have been public-service oriented, humanitarian or connected with
interesting specialist small businesses, people or projects

Click on any image to go to a page telling about and giving more example pages from each site
Isle of Avalon - Glastonbury
The biggest site I've done, for a whole town, with 500 pages and one million visitors per year - an inspirational gateway for the rather interesting town of Glastonbury
Hope Flowers School, Bethlehem
A humanitarian site for a school for
war-traumatised refugees in Bethlehem, Palestine
Earth Spirit Conferences Vermont, USA
A site marketing an annual conference
The Glastonbury Symposium
Website for the world's leading
annual crop-circle conference
Sacred Britain Tours
An American site offering specialist
tours of ancient sites in Britain
Gothic Image Tours
A site offering specialist tours of historic
and sacred sites in Britain & Ireland
Alardus van den Bosch
A craftsman's brochure site - wood inlay or marquetry. Niche market, high-value items needing careful online display
Gothic Image Publications
A small independent publisher marketing special-interest books
Jerusalem Peacemakers
A humanitarian peacemakers' site
for peacemakers in Israel and Palestine
Sir George Trevelyan's Archive
Online archive for the late Sir George Trevelyan,
a visionary and educationalist
Dr Andrew Tresidder
A GP providing an online resource about using
flower remdies in emotional healing
Somerset Trust for
Integrated Healthcare

A resource site concerning funding of alternative therapies
on the National Health
Sarah Boait Photography
A photographer's display website


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