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Palden Jenkins
Author | photographer | webmaster | historian | humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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Based in West Penwith, Cornwall, UK

Words: books, online, podcasts
Insight: astrologer, historian & geopolitics
Humanitarian - Middle East & Africa
Global Futures: forecasting
Prehistorian in Cornwall

A pedigree Sixties veteran with a long track record, now supposedly retired with cancer, I'm still at it. Innovative projects, original ideas, author of eleven books

Interesting features on this site

Current projects:
Shining Land - the ancient sites of West Penwith (forthcoming book, 2022)
Pods from the Far Beyond - thoughtful podcasts by Palden
Notes from the Far Beyond - cancer blog (2019 onwards)
Ancient Penwith - West Cornwall's prehistoric landscape (website, 2015-21)
Tinzibitane - a Tuareg village, Timbuktu, Mali - one of my aid projects

Past projects:
Possibilities 2050 - the world in 2050 (free online, 2018)
Pictures of Palestine - a humanitarian blogging from Bethlehem (2012)

Power Points in Time - time, defining moments and peak periods (2014)
The Historical Ephemeris - astrological timelines for 2,500 years (1993)
Living in Time - astrological time-cycles (1987)

Deep Geopolitics - international relations, history and the future (1996)
Guide to the New Millennium - the world in year 2000 (1998)

Radio: This is the Light Programme - Palden on voicebox and brainbox (2007)
Palden's Archive of Articles - writings going back 30 years

Palden Jenkins

Pods from the Far Beyond with Palden Jenkins
Palden's photo library

Report on the Future of the World:

Welcome to my site!  There's a lot of interesting stuff here
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The site first appeared in 1995. Major revisions 1998, 2003, 2006, 2013, 2020.

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