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Palden Jenkins
Retired author, photographer, webmaster, historian and humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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Palden's archive of articles

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Archive of Articles
Articles by Palden Jenkins

Here is a selection of articles written by me since 1990, arranged in themes.
These are not
all of my articles and writings, but they're a selection of the best.
Some, particularly on current affairs, will have dated since the time of their writing.

Deep Geopolitics

Healing the Hurts of Nations series
Afghanistan - the Great Game

A brief history of Afghanistan (2003)
Britain - Old Blighty
A brief history of Britain, liberator and oppressor (2003)
Iraq - Cradle of Civilisation
A brief history of one of the world's most axial lands (2003)
Yugoslavia - When Nations Fall Ill
A brief history of Serbia, Bosnia and their neighbours (2003)
The Bigger Chess Game
We're all part of a larger scenario that we fail to see (2003)
Unintended Brinkmanship
How unconscious urges dominate international relations and the future (2003)

Bangladesh Today series

(written for a Bangladeshi newspaper)
Political legitimacy and power (2007)
Peering into the Future
What needs to happen during the 21st Century (2007)
The International Community
How much of a community is it actually? (2008)
The Battle between the Past and the Future
Competing forces in today's world affairs (2008)
The Problem of Israel
The role of this little country in international relations (2008)
Shifting Ground
Transitional times and shifting paradigms (2008)

Other Subjects

Personal Stories

A saga of the 1980s camps movement, which I founded in 1983 (1997)
The story of pre-birth communications with our son (1996)
A personal debate over war and peace (2004)
An account of Palden's near-death experience in 1974.

World Work
Details about the psychic world work I have been doing (2002)
An article about world healing (1994)

Cereology and ETs
A key statement of my core beliefs around crop formations (1994)
All about the neurosis around man-made formations
Complex arguments around crop circle hoaxes (2002)
A key cereological issue and the video of a crop formation forming (2001)
About the Sparsholt Face crop formation (2002)
Afterthoughts on the Sparsholt Face (2002)

The Archive of Palden Jenkins

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