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Palden Jenkins
Retired author, photographer, webmaster, historian and humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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Astrological counselling

Following a cancer diagnosis in Nov 2019 I am no longer working as an astrologer. But then, I did forty years. If you're looking for clues about life from me, try my cancer blog, my podcasts and podtalks.

I cannot guarantee what state I'll be in next week, so making appointments is difficult. Also, earlier in life, when taking on clients, I took on a responsibility to be available to them afterwards, a pastoral duty I can no longer do.

If you need an astrological session from an astrologer of a similar kind and spirit to me, then I recommend Lynne Speight or Barry Goddard in Devon. They both do face-to-face sessions in Devon or online or phone sessions worldwide.

If you have had sessions with me before or you are 'inner circle', you can try contacting me for a talk, but proper sessions are no longer possible. All good things come to an end, though I'm still sharing what wisdom I can through the means I can now do it - blog, podcasts and talks.

Why Astrology?

Astrology is a diagnostic tool that saves time getting to the nub of things. It goes deep in its understanding of human nature, life's situations and their meaning. Astrologers can discern patterns, trends and cycles unfolding in your life, and quickly. The astrological worldview is deeper and wider than in a lot of normal counselling.

Astrologers can also identify the timings by which issues and internal dynamics surface and play out in your life. This gives a sense of process, helping you identify where you currently stand in that process and where to go from here.

At times you might be feeling you're stuck, failing, not 'getting it', or you might feel you're losing your way. Such situations are never permanent, and an astrologer can tell you when you need to be patient and persevering, and when you need to step on the gas and act.

Astrologers are useful to people who are experiencing big changes, or when they're standing on the edge of thresholds and decision-points in life.

Astrology has had bad press but this is largely based on prejudice. Oxford university was founded by astrologers. Newton and Kepler, founding fathers of modern science, were astrologers. Astrology today has high levels of advanced study and many astrologers work to the highest of standards, sometimes higher standards than those applied in psychology and psychiatry - not least because we're up against a barrage of criticism and disapproval, so we have to try harder! This 'bad press' will change one day.

Fate and fortune

But, guess what, if I tell you something that is entirely new to you, something is wrong. Usually, deep down inside, you know these things, or you have hints of them. Perhaps they need articulating, clarifying or highlighting to help you distinguish the real stuff from fears, conditioning, self-doubt, concerns, pressures or other issues that can crowd your psyche. Especially when life is an uphill grind, a sticky mess, challenging or confusing.

This isn't about fate and fortune, it's about your choices in life. It's about what you can do and also what you might need to recognise, acknowledge or accept. There are things we can change and things we can't, and it's good to clarify the difference.

We're all, without exception, a bundle of contradictions, and often our 'problems' pertain to conflicts arising from different parts of ourselves competing for attention or dominance - these are what astrologers call 'sub-personalities'. It's all about coming to understand who we really are and what we're really here for.
Palden Jenkins

About me

I started studying astrology in 1972 after studying social sciences at the LSE. I was also part of the spiritual and political awakening of the 1960s, growing up in Liverpool.
By 1979 I was ready to start practising - it took about seven years to become genuinely proficient. Perfectionist Virgo, me.
Since then I've had a steady stream of astrological clients, many returning over the years. I haven't counted, but it's thousands.
In the 1980s-90s I brought new ideas into the astrological community, including then-new experiential techniques and founding a tradition of astrology camps that continue today.
I've researched cycles of time, about which I've written three books: Living in Time (1987), The Historical Ephemeris (1993), and Power Points in Time (2014).
I'm a thinker, author, editor, webmaster, photographer and humanitarian. I live in West Penwith in the far west of Cornwall, UK.
For more info about me look here.
I'm a Virgo with Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius rising - my astrological chart is below.

Some interesting links to astrological work I've done:

my most recent astrology book (2015)
the old version of the above book (1987), a free archive website
source material for people studying astrological cycles in history (1993)

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