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Palden Jenkins
Retired author, photographer, webmaster, historian and humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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About Palden | Brief Intro


Over time I have worked as a webmaster, author and editor, teacher and speaker, adviser and project organiser. I've also done humanitarian work in Palestine and various other places.

Now I am retired (kind of) and a cancer patient. I still write blogs, books and websites, make podcasts and pull a few humanitarian and political strings here and there.

I lived in Glastonbury in southwest England 1980-2008 and was prominent in community life and developments there.

I now live in West Penwith in the far west of Cornwall, and also am fond of Greece, Sweden and Palestine, as kind of second home-places.

Blessed with four grown up children and seven grandchildren in two different countries - UK and Sweden.

Born a Virgo in 1950, I'm a 1960s veteran (raised in Liverpool, university at LSE), with a rather long track-record. Valued for my positive and original insights and a big-picture knowledge and understanding of historical, geopolitical and spiritual issues. Nowadays looked on as a broad-spectrum thinker and seer.

I have run bookstores, crafted lots of words, books and websites; campaigned for home-birth, peace, ecological and community issues; created three innovative social-educational projects; taught endless classes and workshops; spoken from many stages and counselled thousands of people. Learned lots from people and life too.

Well-known for my insights into history, current events, international relations, astrology, crop circles and spiritual-political issues.

I've edited many notable books in mind-body-spirit, history and new thinking for a number of publishers and quite a few authors, over a 25 year period.

I'm a visionary originator of ideas and perspectives with a unique, global and deep slant on things. A healer of perceptions, peacemaker, social activist and humanitarian.

I've created educational projects such as the Glastonbury Gatherings (1984), the OakDragon Project (1987) and the Hundredth Monkey Project (1995). These were innovative conferences and educational events.

They set off a small movement, the 'camps movement', which over the decades has touched the lives of many thousands of people in several countries.

I'm actively committed to realistic personal, social and global change. Been at it for half a century. The work doesn't end - at least, not in the near term.

A brief history...

I was born five years after WW2, at Hartfield House near Forest Row, Sussex, England - south of London in the Ashdown Forest. It had been the WW2 American Generals' HQ in England, from which the American aspect of D-Day was planned - an ominous start!

I grew up in Cardiff, South Wales in the 1950s and in Liverpool in the 1960s - indeed it was a hard day's night.

Went to university at the London School of Economics (1968-71) - yes, a 'troublemaker'. Being in an attempted revolution was a life-changer for me. Then I lived in the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales 1972-75, and in Stockholm and the forests of Uppland (Uppsala area) in Sweden 1975-80. Sweden gave me refuge after a tumultuous and challenging time: Sixties Liverpool, LSE and the dawn of the 'alternative society'.

From 1980-2008, I was a community leader in the rather interesting small town of Glastonbury in SW England. I ran groups and events, was deeply involved in civic and community affairs, and served as the town webmaster 1997-2006.

Now I live in West Penwith, Cornwall, where I do archaeological research, online humanitarian work, writing, strategic advising and networking, in a semi-retired way.

For more about Palden, here's a short autobiog

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