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Palden Jenkins
Retired author, photographer, webmaster, historian and humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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Far Beyond yet Amazingly Near

Magic Circles
with Paldywan Kenobi

A series of three one-off, limited edition afternoon events, in Glastonbury, Avebury and Totnes area.
A cancer patient without a lot of time left, Palden wishes to pass on a few things before he goes.

Three themes. Might interest you.
  • dying and moving on (rebirth and living life too);
  • worlds, where we come from and why we're here;
  • world healing and planet-fixing.

Palden Jenkins. Photo by Penny Cornell.
Palden is a Sixties veteran who’s still at it. Originator of the camps movement, an astrologer, historian, geomancer, Palestine activist, author and webmaster, he’s something of a polymath and seer.

Once well known in Glastonbury, he now lives on an organic farm in West Penwith in furthest Cornwall. He has been involved with Tibetan Lamas, psychic work, ETs, ancient sites and crop formations, holistic education, peacemaking and humanitarian work in the Middle East, string-pulling, social healing and word-weaving. And stuff like that.

Many of you will have known him in former decades, seen and heard him online, or you might have been an astrological client.

Bone marrow cancer, surfacing three years ago, changed everything, taking him to the edge and adding a new, uphill climb to a five-decade growth path. He wishes to share some of the fruits of this journey before he goes.

He’s been telling his story in Notes from the Far Beyond and Pods from the Far Beyond, a series of blogs and podcasts recording his cancer story and his take on life, the universe and everything. If you don’t know Palden, try them and you’ll quickly figure out whether these events interest you. His website has plenty of interesting stuff too.

In these 4-5 hour magic circles, Palden calls on friends old and new to join him for something rather special. It starts with a silence and proceeds from there. Palden doesn't work to a script, and everyone present will receive something specially for them. The process will unfold in three segments with breaks in between.

If you’re drawn to this limited-edition event and you seek something that goes a bit deeper and further, please do come. It’s a process, rather focused, contained and yet interstellar. So please come at the beginning and leave only at the end, and be fully present, as if part of a team, while the circle is alive.

With a little help from his friends, Palden invites you to enter a space out of time, back home in reality. At heart, this is about energy-fields, reality-fields and soul-families, resonance, reconciliation and planetary recombobulation. It’s a chance to review what we’re doing with our lives and find some clues about the next level. In a way it's a kind of empowerment, a passing on of something.

The three events are on the right. After doing these three, we'll have to see how they pan out and how well his health and abilities hold up, before planning any more.

Speaking of energy-fields: please come with your phone switched off completely, or leave it in the car or at home. Palden has been electrosensitive for decades, and now it's killing him. Besides, it's good for us to have a break in order to tune into other frequencies. That's why. Hope you don't mind.

The top photo is by Penny Cornell, and the lower two are by Lynne Speight. Thanks to both.

Magic Circles in 2022
An Afternoon
in the Far Beyond
with Palden Jenkins

All of these have a maximum capacity, so please register your interest early.

Saturday 13th August, noon-5pm
Avebury Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF
Enquiries and booking: Ivan Brownrigg

Buckfast  near Totnes, South Devon
Saturday 24th September, noon-5pm
Southpark Community Centre, Buckfast TQ11 0EB
Enquiries: Jeanne Hampshire

Also, in Glastonbury in September:
The Tipping of the Scales
Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury
Friday 9th Sept 2022, 7 for 7.30pm
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